Course Outline

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Course Outline for the MSc degree 


#Modules  ECTS
  1st Semester    
M1 Research Method and Statistics C 7
M2 Psychological Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity C 7
M3 Psychological skills in physical activity and sports C 7
M4  Psychology in physical education and youth sports C 7
S1  Language & Communication skills O 2


2nd Semester

EU European dimension of sport and exercise psychology O 10
M5 Psychology of Adapted Physical Activity O 7
M6 Information & Communication Technology for Sport & Exercise O 7
M7 Motor Learning, Physical Activity, and Health O 7
S2 Practicum Seminar  O 3
S3 Thesis Seminar O 3
S4 Writing Skills Seminar O 3


3rd Semester

M8 Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis O 7

Counselling principles and skills

O 7
M10 Promoting Health, Exercise and Recreation programs O 7

Health education and exercise psychology

O 7

Psychology of physical activity in the elderly 

O 7

4th Semester

   THESIS C 30

C = Compulsory, O = Optional

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