Course Outline

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Course Outline for the MSc degree 



1st Semester

Research Methods and Statistics C 7

Psychological Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity

C 7
Psychological Skills in Physical Activity C 7
Psychology in Physical Education and Youth Sports C 7
Introduction and Development of Communication Skills O 2

2nd Semester

European Dimension of Sport and Exercise Psychology O 10
Information and Communication Technology for Sport and Exercise O 7
Exercise Psychology and Health Education O 7
Nutritional Behaviour and Education O 7
Special Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology O 7
Psychology of Adapted Physical Activity O 7
Practicum I O 4
Thesis Seminar O 2

3rd Semester

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis O 7
Counseling Principles and Skills O 7
Clinical Exercise Psychology O 7
Practicum II O 16

4th Semester

Thesis C 30


C = Compulsory, O = Optional

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