Why this Master?

Are you interested in the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology?

Do you want to work as a sport psychology expert?

We prepare you for a career in Sport and Exercise Psychology!

The European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology, taught completely in English 
is a two-year full-time program that offers educational opportunities for students of all nationalities. 

International environment

emsep students map

Photo: MSc  student's map


European Master in sport and exercise psychology provides you with
High quality teaching in a truly international environment
Study abroad period (European Erasmus+ program)
Valuable hands-on experience through internship
Teaching by renowned experts of the field
Double Degree

 The Aim of the Program

The aim of the program is to offer master’s level education in the area of Exercise and Sport Psychology and to educate students to a professional level.

Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies that will enable them to understand human behavior in exercise and sport contexts and to apply effectively their knowledge to enhance physical activity, health, well-being, and high performance in the areas of public health and sports.

Sport and exercise psychology seeks to understand psychological factors that occur in sports, physical activity and exercise. The focus is on behavior, emotions and cognitions of persons involved in sport and exercise settings, e.g. exercise participants, athletes, coaches, teachers, therapists, parents, spectators, officials etc. Sport and exercise psychology draws upon the scientific fields of psychology, sport, education and health sciences.

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