A great FEPSAC Congress in Muenster: We were there (photos)

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some of the MC members of FEPSAC

The FEPSAC Congress 2019 in Muenster, Germany, gathered a great number of participants liaised to European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology and the Lab of Exercise Psychology and Quality of Life from the University of Thessaly; professors, postgraduate and graduate students, and evolving in the European stage sport psychologists.

A congress with excellent organization, a rich scientific programme, and plenty of great socialization events and … nights! The University of Thessaly had 2 symposia, oral presentations, many posters and important representation in the Managing Council of the  European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC).

Professor Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis left the Managing Council after serving for 12 years, first as a member and later as the treasurer of FEPSAC.

Now Professor Athanasios Papaioannou takes over as the new treasurer continuing the long tradition of our University to the Managing Council of FEPSAC that started back in 2003 with Professor Yannis Theodorakis.

An important moment in the Congress, two of our EMSEP graduates, Paul Sulzycki and Laur Nurkse, were awarded the FEPSAC Certification for Applied Specialists in Sport Psychology. Finally, Julian Fritsch, EMSEP graduate and currently PhD student in our Department, completed his term as FEPSAC officer.

2022 FEPSAC Congress in Padova, Italy!

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Some of our Graduates and lab members, presenting their posters:

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