The legendary fake Greek wedding as a closing party of the semester.

That's the way some of our students celebrate the closing of a semester: (and of course we were there having a great time)

From our student Elsa Havas (from Finland):

"Some  Saturdays ago we celebrated the legendary fake Greek wedding as a closing party of the semester. In the beginning of semester, we included on our bucket list “Experience Greek wedding”. Since none of our friends got lucky, we had to organize event for ourselves. Wedding became legendary event in Trikala and at the university. Wedding preparation required proper wedding dress testing, wedding competition, bachelorette party, cake tasting, honeymoon trip to Lefkada, creating an official website and proper wedding invitation. Word started to spread and event became the hot topic of Trikala. The wedding brought students and teachers together celebrating this beautiful day at Tefaa. Dr. Morres left his passion for depression behind for one day and became a holy priest and baptised our husbandS and wife to live together happily ever after. Wedding day will always remain in our memories. That special day describes the spirit, unitedness and happiness that we have been lucky to experience during our studies in Trikala."

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