A series of 4 experiments have been completed in the Lab of Sport & exercise psychology

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After long and hard work a series of four experiments have been completed in our Lab, from our postgraduate students Lefteris Papagiannis, Laur Nurkse and Jelle Kooijman, with the valuable contribution of our undergraduate assistant Silia Karathanasi, under the supervision of Professor Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis and Post-doc researcher Evangelos Galanis.

… and they’re going public!  
Laur and Jelle are defending their master theses today, with Lefteris following shortly.

Master theses completed in the Lab of Sport & Exercise Psychology at the School of Physical Education & Sport Science of the University of Thessaly.

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lefteris copy
Lefteris Papagiannis: "Effects of self-talk strategies on divided attention following physical exhaustion"

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Laur Nurkse: "The effects of self-talk on a golf putting task under conditions of ego depletion"

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Jelle Kooijman:  "The effects of a self-talk intervention on a divided attention golf task under conditions of ego-depletion"

cilia copy 
Silia Karathanasi

Take a look at their 4-stage experiment with some photos and don't hesitate to ask them about their experience :-) 



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