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Nastasja Minja, Slovenia, 2018: “After two years spent in Greece engaging in completing my master's degree, gaining new life experience and networking with people from all over the world, the only thing I can say is that EMSEP was an…

Nastasja & Evangelos : Reunion at FEPSAC Congress 2019

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"EMSEP provided me the opportunity to work together with incredible researchers and establish a group of friends that will last a life time. I will always be grateful for how this program helped me grow as an individual"

Bernadette Ramaker
Netherlands, 2016

"As an athlete, I thought I already understood everything, but after my 2 years, I truly understand the importance of psychology in sport and exercise. Thank you!"

Kendal Ayers
TEXAS, USA, 2019

“I came to this course in order to expand my knowledge on psychology…” “It’s great to be here with so many others international students where I can learn about different cultures”

Emily McLeod
Australia, 2015

“…One of the top programs in sport psychology in the world”

Paul Sulzycki
Canada, 2015

"If you are looking for first-class lecturers and knowledge in sport psychology, if you like to eat good, if you like relaxed environment, unbeatable climate and good looking people – Thessaly is the right choice for you"

Milos Mitrovic
Serbia, 2013

"I think the best part of the program is it's people. Although I come from another continent, they've made me feel at home here"

Nikita Bhavsar
India, 2015

"The expertise combined with the personal support provided by the teaching staff of the Department is unique. I think my decision to pursue my Ph.D. here, speaks for itself"

Julian Fritsch
Germany, 2015

"I am grateful for the past two years, because this program gave me at any time, the possibilities for personal development"

Dennis Redlich
Germany, 2016

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