Master Thesis Public Defence: Aruna & Elise

Public Defence7

10.00: Elise Löwenthal

Tίτλος Διατριβής: Physical activity and quality of life in Belgian sleep-apnea patients

Τριμελής Επιτροπή: Χατζηγεωργιάδης Αντώνιος, Θεοδωράκης Ιωάννης, Κομούτος Νικόλαος

Elise Löwenthal: Physical activity and quality of life in Belgian sleep-apnea patients

(Under the supervision of Dr. Xatzigeorgiadis)

Obstructive sleep apnea is a medical condition characterized by nocturnal breathing cessation due to airway occlusion. Consequences and symptoms of the disease such as impaired quality of sleep can drastically impaired the quality of life of patients. The most commonly used treatment of OSA is positive airway pressure (PAP), however compliance is low and a range of 46 to 83% of patients do not adhere. A treatment alternative is physical activity (PA). It has been shown to improve sleep apnea condition. However, there is a limited number of studies examining the association of physical activity and quality of life in obstructive sleep apnea patients. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relation between physical activity and quality of life in sleep apnea patients.

Questionnaires were used to assess the different variables of the study: The IPAQ was used to assess physical activity. Epworth Sleepiness Scale was used to assess daytime sleepiness and give an indication of the sleep apnea severity. Finally, the SF-12 was used to measure the health related quality of life. Seventy-eight sleep apnea patients completed the questionnaires. Results showed a positive relationship between low intensity physical activity and quality of life. A relationship has been found between quality of life and sleep apnea severity.

The findings of this thesis support that physical activity could be an adequate treatment option, improving the quality of life and the sleep apnea symptoms in sleep apnea patients.


10.30:  Aruna Santhappan

Tίτλος Διατριβής: Achievement Goal, Behavioural Regulation of Motivation, Well Being and Physical Activity among Malaysian Pupils

Τριμελής Επιτροπή: Παπαϊωάννου Αθανάσιος, Διγγελίδης Νικόλαος, Κομούτος Νικόλαος

Aruna Santhappan: Achievement Goal, Behavioural Regulation of Motivation, Well Being and Physical Activity among Malaysian Pupils

(Under supervision of Dr Papaioannou Athanasios)

The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between achievement goal, behavioural regulations of motivation (intrinsic, extrinsic, amotivation), well-being and physical activity (PA) among Malaysian pupils. The sample consisted of 93 boys and 204 girls (N=301), aged 13 to 17 years old (Mage = 15.38 ± 1.33 years old) from six Malaysian secondary school that voluntarily participated in the present study. The cross-sectional data were collected using an online questionnaire. Results revealed that task orientation and intrinsic motivation were positively related with the amount of PA (hours/week), subjective vitality and intention to help others to be physically active. Moreover, task orientation was positively related with the frequency of PA (days/week). Standard regression analysis showed that intrinsic motivation and task orientation significantly predicting the frequency of PA (days/week) and subjective vitality. Additionally, two way ANOVA revealed significant differences on pupils’ amount of PA (hours/week) and subjective vitality due to gender effect. More specifically, boys engaged more hours per week in PA and reported higher scores on subjective vitality compared to girls. Significant differences were also emerged on intention to help others to be PA due to age effect. No other significant differences were emerged. In conclusion, these results may provide significant insights for the Malaysian pupils' to engage in regular PA and to help others be more physically active.

Keywords: pupils, motivation, achievement goals, physical activity, well-being, Malaysia

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