Adisa Haznadar

The name of my university: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Philosophy: Psychology department. I got my Bachelor degree in Psychology. In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Life in Trikala is very nice. It is different from home because I live in the capital, but small city is interesting and you get "warmer" atmosphere. :) Since we got here everybody is treating us nice and people are very, very helpful. Everybody is warm and making us feel like we are home :)

Regarding the academic life, I am very happy to join this group because it suits my interests in every way. All I want to learn I know I will get here. We have many experts, professionals in this field teaching us and working with us and I am very enthusiastic because of that. If I got to chose again where would I go for me home university, I would always come to Trikala.


Malgorzata Maria Slawinska: 

My educational background is in Sport and Exercise field.I have graduated from Academy of Physical Education, WSTIR, in Warsaw,in Poland, receiving a bachelor degree in Sport Management and a National diploma-licence of Sport Manager. Next I have graduated from Edinburgh Napier University and received bachelor with honours degree is Sport and Exercise Science with specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

I really enjoy my stay in Greece and my degree programme at University of Thessaly. I am happy to be here as I feel very welcome from the Greek society and I like the culture very much. I am very satisfied from the study programme and the valuable knowledge that I gain from the professors here.


Shane O’Leary: 

I studied sport and exercise sciences in the University of Limerick, Ireland. I received a 1.1. honours degree there as well as the William Dugdale award for the highest grades in my course. 

Trikala has been a good city to us, people have been friendly within the university as well as the rest of the city. The course offered is excellent and well organised especially considering it is the first year for this course. The social life has been great also and most weeks we have to visit Fuego at least once.


Likawunt Teshome: 

In 2006, I finished my first degree in Health and Physical Education in Ethiopia at Kotebe college of Teachers Education. Two years later I went to Addis Ababa University for my Masters degree and studied Athletics coaching.

I have been working as a consultant, teacher and coach for the past 4 years (2006-2010).

Now I am in Trikala studying Sport and Exercise Psychology in Erasmus Mundus programme – EMSEP.

About my life in Trikala I can say that it is wonderful! The society is hospitable and friendly, the Univarsity is also great. I like and respect our teachers and other staff of the University for their wonderful and great attitude towards us (international students).

Generally speaking I believe both the city (Trikala) and the University (DPESS) are right places for study, and I wish all the best for our teachers, fellow students and the people of Trikala.


Fernanda Serra de Queiroz:

Completed Undergraduate studies in Psychology at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Florianopolis/Brasil), practiced as a Sport Psychologist for Avai Football Club (Florianopolis/Brasil), Completed a Master's of Philosophy at University of Queensland (Brisbane/Australia).

Trikala is an attractive little town, bustling with life, bicycles and coffee shops. Studying, living in Trikala and being a part of Greek culture has been an amazing experience, leaving me with many fond memories. I've met many people and made some very special friends. The Greeks are welcoming, friendly, warm, so much so that it feels like home. This course has helped develop me both as an individual and as an academic.

I can say the same about my professors at Tefaa. They've become good friends, always willing to help us with all our issues, be it academic or personal. The level of teaching was exceptional, and being part of the International Conference was a great opportunity for my professional growth and was an enjoyable experience.

I'd recommend this course for people who want a life changing experience.


Elisavet Velentza

My name is Elisavet Velentza. I am 29 years old and am coming from Athens. My first degree was from the Department of sport and exercise science in Athens. In 2007-2008 I studied in Germany doing my Masters in Prevention and Rehabilitation at the technique University in Munich. In 2008 I continued in Leipzig with my second Master in Sport science, Diagnosis and Intervention. At the same time I was offered an opportunity to do the European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology with additionally courses and a semester outside from my home University in Leipzig, Germany. Therefore I choose to do "my Erasmus programme" in Greece, Trikala. Since I am from Athens I am staying in Athens and every week I am coming for the courses in Trikala. I find Trikala a nice city for students.


Likawunt Teshome – EMSEP student at the University of Thessaly

Greece is where we all feel we are still home. The warm and positively inspired well come continued all the way till now. As a student this is my first time to have such a wonderful and stabled feeling to learn. I believe the university and the staff is doing whatever it takes to get us whatever we need, and most importantly to enable us achieve why we are here for. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to our lecturers, staffs of the department and Evangelos our friend and everything. Thank you all.